Friends & Family

Life has many precious reasons for living,
Sharing with others, the taking and giving;
Family and friends each playing their part,
Traveling the road that leads to the heart.

The spouse who is there through ups and downs,
The children who bring about smiles and frowns;
The friends on who we depend to always stay true,
To stand by us no matter what we're going through.

Our parents who raised us, as best they knew,
Brothers and sisters with whose love we grew;
And those that are there, to support us again,
Are the ones who deserve, the title of friend.

As you look at these verses, you certainly must see,
There's a connection in life between you and me.
Our family should be our friends, as it should be;
With friends being a large part of our own family.

Fox (with help from Mike)
December 1993
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